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How to give your car a quick check-up before holiday trips

Long drive

Tips on checking your car before a long drive

Just as we need extra care during the holidays – so do our cars.

While preparing for a festive holiday season, don’t forget to check your car before you go on your holiday trips. Neglected auto care means higher costs in form of extensive repairs or lost resale value.

“Before you put extensive mileage on your cars, make sure your vehicle is ready for it,” said Aamir Lalani, manager at Aliana Auto Care. “The last thing you want is for your car to break down during your holiday trip.”

Aliana Auto Care suggests a quick vehicle check-up when traveling by car this holiday season.

Check the tires. Inspect your tire threads and pressure. Uneven wear on the threads indicates a need for wheel alignment. If the threads are coming too low, you may need to replace one or more tires prior to your trip. Also, check the tire pressure and be sure it stays steady. If your tire pressure becomes low very quickly, you may have a hole in your tire.

Check the lighting. Inspect that your headlights, tail lights and your brake lights are working properly. This reduces the chance of accidents and shows general courtesy to other drivers on the road.

Check the wipers. Wiper blades should be replaced approximately every year or as needed. Make sure the windshield wipers are working properly and keep the reservoir filled with solvent.

Check all fluids. This includes your engine oils, brake fluid, and antifreeze/coolant.

Check the hoses and belts. Be sure these aren’t cracked or loose. If they show excessive wear, it is best to have a professional check it prior to going on a long drive.

“An easy way to remember this is to check the exteriors and check the interiors,” said Mr. Lalani. “Exteriors are your tires, lights, and wipers and interiors are your fluids, hoses and belts.”

Aliana Auto Care also recommends you follow safety rules and drive below the speed limit. When traveling with the family, don’t forget your passenger seat belts. And of course, fill up the gas – you won’t get too far without it!

Happy holidays from Aliana Auto Care!

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